Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Latest

Drew is finally repeating words and making great strides in his language development. He has quite a vocabulary now: socks, dada, touchdown, sky, sues (for shoes), night-night, hi, bye, wawa (for water), hot, (out)side, doggy, woof, meow, baaa, vroom. Not bad. Please note, there is one very important word missing: Mama! He used to say mama, but it has escaped his tongue. I'm convinced he thinks I'm dada too. Not that he doesn't adore his dad, but he is always saying "dada" even if someone says, "Where's Mommy?" Ok, maybe I use this explanation to console myself, but considering the time we spend doesn't make sense. I'm thrilled that he is making an effort to repeat more. He is really trying! And even more exciting is that he actually understands and uses these words appropriately. Just yesterday when we upstairs for a nap, he entered his room, grabbed the bars of the crib, and said "Night, night." So cute. And he MUST say hi and bye to every random person everywhere we go. He'll repeat it until he has their attention - quite the little ham.

Drew is also taking swim classes with Daddy and progress is being made! He no longer gets upset when his face is immersed in water (or if it's poured over his head). This makes swim lessons more fun as well as bathtime. Daddy is patient with Drew and handles all the water experiences. I hope he'll be ready for the ocean this summer!

With baby # 2 on the way, I'm trying to get Drew to be more "independent." Now he has his own lunch box, which HE carries, that we bring to our lunch dates. He is seldom carried, but walks next to me while holding my hand. He even does the stairs (up AND down) on his own. He's trying to master the art of the spoon, but we've got some work to do there. All-in-all he is making serious strides...which will be helpful come June when mommy has to divide her attention among two!


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