Friday, December 22, 2006


My intention is to get Drew involved in some more structured activities so he does not grow up thinking all time is free time. Hmm... So, beginning in January he'll be taking swim lessons with Daddy on Saturdays, attending library hour with grandma on Mondays, and going to a gym class with Mommy on Thursdays. This way we all get some time alone with him and he gets some "structure". Right?

I probably wrote about our experience with the kindermusik class...and today's library hour was not much different. The "class" began with some fun song activities which made Drew smile, spin around a bit, and then he proceeded to just run around the group. Meanwhile, I sat on the floor doing the itsy bitsy spider alone. Finally it was story time. Drew loves books! I thought surely he would sit with me. Not exactly. He was delighted to receive the little board book on farm animals. He sat for about two pages...and then was back on the move. Finally, out came the puppets. Animal puppets! Drew was delighted and chased the librarian around the room, trying to grab the puppets for himself. We ended up with quite a stash: a horse, a duck, AND a cow! That's my Drew. Finally, it was free play time. Baskets of toys were pulled from the cubbard. Drew was delighted...and sat for the remainder of the time building, right next to Mommy.

Why is it that during the free time he sat like a quiet, nice boy...but during the "structured" time he was running around like a wild child?!?


At 1:02 PM, Blogger Kim Coreson said...

Neat blog. Sweet little guy... You'll be glad you journaled like this. I raised 4 boys and wish that I had more journals from those younger days.

God bless.

Kim Coreson


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