Monday, January 29, 2007

A beatin'

Well, we are all taking a beatin' this week! After overcoming the typical winter cold earlier this month, we were hit with the stomach virus this weekend. Yuck. There is nothing sadder than a little toddler who won't eat...can't sleep...and is found immersed in his own vomit. Poor baby! To top it all off, I had surgery on my leg last Thursday (melanoma, again!) and have been stumbling around in serious pain. Being pregnant, I opted not to have any sedatives during the surgery and have not taken any pain meds since. No, tylenol is definitely NOT a pain medicine, but it is permitted. Needless to say, it is nice to live near "grandma" (my own mommy!) during times like these. Ironically, she was supposed to be in Florida this past week; however, due to my dad's cold they cancelled their trip. Everything happens for a reason I guess. Still trying to figure out why we got this virus....?!?


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