Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Back to the YMCA

Big step for Mommy and for Drew! We went back to the Y this morning :) I was concerned that Drew would have a hard time and feel abandoned by Mommy. Who wants that for their child? Needless to say, that's been my "reason" for not going to the gym for the past FIVE MONTHS! So, I decided to return today and take it slowly. I still have stitches in my left leg so I can't really be working out anyway, but with labor & delivery looming just four months away, I feel I need to gain some strength and energy! Today was all about acclimating Drew to the people and the space. When we first got in we played together. They have an indoor slide which he loved, lots of cars & trucks, and little animals. I spent some time talking to the care-givers, most of whom I already knew from months ago when we were regulars at the Y. It was fun catching up - they were amazed at the big, 18-month old Drew. Meanwhile, Drew began to play on his own! I stayed in the room for 45 minutes before saying goodbye and venturing off to the fitness room. I heard him whining as I left, but he soon recovered and continued playing (I was spying from the window on the door!). I walked on the treadmill for 15 minutes and returned to a son who was smiling - happy to see Mommy.

He did SO well and I was SO proud. Hopefully we'll go back a few more times this week. I'll start slow and build up my time away. By next week maybe I'll be walking for 30 - 45 minutes! I think it's great that he did so well...and I really feel that he's matured over the last several weeks. He's more independent. It makes both of our lives easier! Go Drew!


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