Monday, January 15, 2007

The next Beckham-Jordan-Brady(Go Pats!)

Ok, who doesn't want to see their little boy succeed in sports? Drew, at the ripe age of 17 months, is an athlete in training. He has recently learned to throw down a football, raise his arms, and shout "touchdown!" This is most adorable! Now, with his little tikes basketball net, he can even slam-dunk a basketball! He's had a soccer ball for quite sometime and inconsistantly grasps the concept of kicking the ball - rather than throwing it. Not bad for a toddler, eh? I'm sure if daddy has his way, Drew will be the next Tiger Woods. I'm still convinced he'll be a musician or an artist (got his daddy's genes), but as long as it's not a dangerous sport I'll be ok. I just want him to have fun and be happy!


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