Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The teacher in me

We had another snow day today. On the last snow day Mrs. B sent Drew home (from Kindergarten, mind you) with a 25 page "fun" packet. It was loaded with crossword puzzles, word searches, addition and subtraction pages, reading comprehension exercises.... No joke. Did I mention he's FIVE? Well, while I thought the packet was a big excessive (um...we needed time to build snowmen, bake cupcakes, and play games too!!), I liked that she sent him with some work to do. THIS snow day, however, she did not send home work. It was equally as anticipated as the last snow day so I imagine she got some complaints about the packet. Well, the teacher in me decided Drew would do some well as bake cookies, make valentine hearts, and play games ;)

So, we worked on Drew's spelling list. Yes, he has spelling words!! This week he's learning how to spell the 7 days of the week. First, I wrote each word on different colored paper and cut out all the letters. I had him arrange the words in order. Then I had him write them in his journal and spell them aloud several times. We scrambled up and re-organized the words he struggled with. We revisited this a couple of times. And, guess what? He knows how to spell them all. I hope he remembers for his quiz tomorrow!!


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