Thursday, June 04, 2009

Lazy Mama

Last night I went to see the film Orgasmic Birth which was hosted by Doulas of RI. The producer, Debra Pascali-Bonaro (who will be the one conducting my post-partum doula training) was there to discuss the film with the audience which was awesome!! The event lasted well past my bedtime and I found myself hitting the sack around 11:30pm. <<insert big yawn!>>

So, this morning when my alarm (aka: children) woke me up at 6:30am I was less than enthusiastic to start my day. Having rejoiced in their "independent play" in the basement the last few days , I decided that perhaps they might entertain themselves while I lay under the covers just a bit longer. I dressed Dean (unfortunately Drew can't change diapers...yet) and let the boys head downstairs around 7:40am. I lay there, half trying to sleep-half trying to listen, thinking how wonderful this was...the boys enjoying each other's company, the luxury of staying in bed, their new found independent play...

About 45 min later, I hear them walking upstairs and Drew says, "Dean, you can't put your fingers in your mouth. They're all dirty! I need to clean them." He heads into the bathroom and wets a facecloth. I'm thinking: Dirty?? What could've happened? Did Dean poop and take off his diaper? So, from the bedroom I ask, "Dirty? What happened?" And Drew responds, "Dean wrote on me and I wrote on him." Ut oh....time to get up.

I'm thinking he's talking about markers, which are really only for Drew to use as Dean is too young, and I'm pretty upset. Then I see Dean: BLUE GLUE ALL OVER HIS FACE! Ummm...what happened?? Well, Dean put the glue on Drew and he lathered Dean up! So, immediately I throw both boys into the bathtub. Fortunately, this children's glue was relatively easy to clean up - on both the boys and my coffee table. Thank goodness. I will add that they had legitimately been working on "projects" downstairs. Drew and Dean each had their own paper, which was beautifully adorned by colorful, sparkly glues, and there was minimal mess to be cleaned. And while I was upset that Dean was covered in a blue, sticky mess, I realized it was kind of my fault. I was a lazy mama with an awful migraine who did not want to get out of bed. I'm thrilled that the boys share such a special friendship right now and I'm glad they can play by themselves, but they still need to be supervised...or I'll be cleaning up the mess!

I would have loved to call in sick today. Ugh.

Still fighting off the migraine despite two cups of coffee.

Maybe I'll go back to bed...


At 10:16 PM, Blogger cheris said...

You're NOT lazy!!!

At 3:04 PM, Blogger b is for brown said...

um, lazy is the wrong word, darling.

thanks for your comment. i was having a moment.

how are you? i need to email you.


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