Friday, August 17, 2007

Well-visit x 2

Yesterday we had a well-visit with Dr. Spaight for BOTH boys.
Here are the stats..


weight: 29 pounds, 1 ounce

height: 35 inches

  • Counts to 13 (that's how many stairs we have!)
  • Speaks in sentences (most of the time)
  • Can identify many bugs (praying mantis, ladybug, butterfly, bee, cricket, ant, fly, spider, dragonfly)
  • Can identify dump trucks, garbage trucks, vans, jeeps, cars, motorcycles, utility trucks, tractors (we live in the country!), tow trucks, helicopters, boats, airplanes, choppers, ....
  • Can sing several songs - Twinkle, twinkle; ABC; Happy Birthday; Head Shoulders Knees & Toes; I spy with my little eye
  • Can open doors, climb in carseat, fasten buckles, operate remote controls , and make phone calls :)
  • Makes people LAUGH


weight: 11 pounds, 8 oz

height: 22 1/4 inches

head: 15 3/4 inches


  • Smiling
  • Cooing (I swear he said "Hi" the other day!)
  • Tracking objects and sounds
  • Rolling over (already!) - front to back


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