Sunday, August 05, 2007

Newport Folk Festival

Another fabulous time at the Newport Folk Festival! This year was a bit different as we brought Drew along; and one of Chris' favorite bands, The Allman Brothers, jammed for 2 1/2 hours! To add to the excitement Chris got a "press pass" for an upclose view of the Allmans as they performed their first songs. To top it all off (as if this weren't enough) we got to catch up with friends PJ & Patrice and their good friend Nicole. It was great to see the three little guys enjoying the music too. Toddlers are such fun: playing, dancing, chasing, eating, clapping, laughing...all afternoon.

After a day like this you'd expect a little guy to crash upon entering the car, right?!? Not our little bug, he went on talking and singing til we arrived home at nearly 10pm. A very late night for Mr. Drew, but he handled it well. A true Allmans fan who can hang with the boys...just like his Dada.


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