Sunday, August 12, 2007


What can I say? Time is flying by too quickly. It's both exciting and sad to have my little guy turn two. Exciting because I seem to enjoy each new stage more than the last. He's talking up a storm - suddenly in a more mature fashion. Do you want some more cake? - Yes, I do. - Here it is. - Thank you, Mommy. He understands absolutely everything and is also a helpful little bug. Can you bring Mommy the blanket? - Here you go, Mommy. I'm helpful! - Yes, you are Drew. Thank you. - Welcome! And it's sad at the same time because I know in a flash Dean will be two and Drew will be FOUR. And before you know it he's off to school...and I'll be almost forty!

Well, we had TWO birthday parties for the two year old. Both were such fun! He can't rave enough about his birthday cake and presents. I can't rave enough about the kind, generous, good friends we've made here in Rhode Island. We are so lucky!!
Here are a couple of fun pics...


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