Monday, August 27, 2007

Baby wearing

Dean is definitely a cuddly guy. So it's no wonder he's a fan of the sling! I love wearing him too. Good thing because he HATES his infant carrier/car seat. This past weekend we all went to the beach (Dean's first time!) and he fell asleep on the walk down both Saturday & Sunday. He was so kind as to sleep the whole time we were there too (2 hours each day). What a guy!

Today I wanted to shop a little while Drew was out with Mama. Dean and I went to Target - and as usual, he cried for the whole car ride. Once there I put him into my lovely moby wrap and he immediately fell asleep. Ahhh...a quiet excursion. While shopping, Dean had a major butt explosion. Let's just was pretty bad!

Baby wearing
Pro - Happy Baby!!!
Con - Messy Mommy :(


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