Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What about Drew?

The last few posts were not about my beloved Andrew. Perhaps that's because things aren't changing quite so rapidly as they once did. I remember when each week he seemed like an entirely new baby (ok, not exactly) but these days he is much the same. He is 16 months now and still a lively, excited boy! He insists on going outside to play every day - despite cooler temperatures. He loves running around the yard with his rakes, shovels, and new lawnmower - or hanging at the park going up and down stairs, running across the bridge, and sliding. He's not a fan of the swing anymore; I think he prefers his freedom. He still doesn't like to cuddle. I doubt that will change. He's very independent. He's the type of person who'll study abroad in a foreign country and move on to exciting cities throughout the world. (Wonder where he gets that from?) He's inquisitive and always exploring. He notices everything (like his Daddy) and would be the first to point out a change in the room. He likes things to be in order, although he likes to disrupt the order as well. He loves stacking, sorting, piling, building, and lining things up. He likes puzzles, crayons, little people figures, animals, books, cars, balls, and his jack-in-the-box. He loves to play daddy's guitar; and I will get him lessons in another year or two because he's got quite an ear for music. He plays the maracas like no one's business...and dances with great rhythm (also from Daddy). He's very funny; loves to laugh and make others laugh. He enjoys being chased and to bring on a good chase he'll find trouble. He has entered the "terrible twos" a bit early...with his wit inspiring him to cause chaos. He likes to see one's expression upon his wrong-doing and hopes to really get a rise out of you. I prefer to stay calm, hold him close, and explain what I expect and what he's done wrong. He hates to be held so tantrums ensue, but I feel like it's gentle discipline. Most of our day is filled with fun: outtings and playdates, stories, music, leggos. Many moments are spent in awe...amazed at how he's grown, what he's learned, and how much I love him. Despite all the "terrible" moments, it's worth it.


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