Sunday, November 19, 2006

Our latest addition!

Introducing ZOE! Seems like Chris and I really enjoy a we thought why not disrupt our somewhat routine lives by adding a puppy to the mix?!? I confess to being the one who "sold" the idea, and what a good salewoman I am! After talking endlessly about all the love I have to give...and all the love a puppy would offer us...and how much Drew reeeeeaaaally loves animals, I got my dream Golden. Much of last night I spent crying (post-adoption depression?) having not realized ALL the work it would take to train this little love bug. But I am pleased to say that today was a new day, and it went very well! Little Zoe peed and pooped outdoors, played well with Drew, and cuddled, cuddled, cuddled! I know there'll be "accidents" and perhaps some destroyed furniture in the future, but I feel confident that Zoe will bring much joy to the Kardos Family. WELCOME ZOE!!


At 9:16 PM, Blogger brettnik said...

Way cute, and I know that you for sure are the one who pushed for this. Chris can take comfort in the fact that, unlike a ten-year old, you WILL actually be super responsible, as you are in everything! I bet Drew's loving it!


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