Monday, November 27, 2006

Zoe + Drew

What do you get when you combine Zoe and Drew?
Alas, "Zoo" has become my new name for Drew (a Freudian slip?!?). The combination of names appropriately creates this word, which is fitting for my home these days! Whether I am pulling Drew's toys from Zoe's mouth or vice versa (yes, YUCK!) there is never a dull moment. On a bright note, there haven't been any puppy accidents in two days and Zoe is sleeping about 7.5 hours at night. Impressive for such a young pup. She's definitely a quick learner...which we needed and deserve!...and is really good with Drew. He's finally warming up to her - and realizing he has a bit of control. This afternoon they went back and forth stealing toys from each other. It was quite a site. Drew gets very determined and motivated by his need for organization so he's all over Zoe when his "order" has been disrupted. That's our Leo!

We took Drew and Zoe on a walk in Hopkinton this weekend. Drew enjoyed the pine cones while Zoe delighted in all the delicious sticks which were in great abundance. Lucky dog! We all are enjoying this mild weather. It's wonderful!

Despite the looks of things in the photo above, Drew really did enjoy the day!


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