Thursday, October 26, 2006

Good times...

Well, we've been having lots of good times and I want to share them!

The weekend before last we went to Todd's party (a co-worker of Chris' from Atrion) on Friday night. The highlight was the fabulous fire pit in the back yard...not to mention the enormous house, sound system, jacuzzi, etc. Sales must be good for Todd.
Saturday we went out to South Woodstock, CT to see my friend Dot's pottery. She owns Sawmill Pottery where she teaches classes and showcases her work. She has beautiful work for sale under the name Stone Soup Pottery. We bought a wonderful vase which looks great in our home! The ride out was great...peak foliage...and we stopped for dinner along the route home.
Sunday we took Drew to the pond...then to feed the ducks in Wickford...then to the Playground...and on to a family dinner at my mom's house.

Last weekend we went to Kate & Raj's new house Saturday. They had a ping pong table out back and I did really well left-handed! I'm happy that my torn tendon isn't limiting all the fun. Drew had a blast. We kept a fruit plate within reach and in between sorting cars he would help himself to more. Cute.
Sunday was Trent's 1st birthday. It was a halloween birthday party so Drew dressed in his cowboy suit. It was adorable. I'll post some pics on Halloween...can't give away his look just yet.

SO - life is treating the Kardos family well. Chris and I are both working hard, but it's all good. Drew is maturing into a delightful toddler. And after some YMCA tears a few weeks ago, he's now adjusted and actually painted a pumpkin there this week!! He's engaging and social...has a wonderful sense of humor...and is very focused on sorting and stacking. A bit OCD? I wonder. But maybe it's a sign of academic diligence and success to come :) Wishful thinking?!?


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