Friday, October 27, 2006

Drew at 14 months

Drew is still enjoying many of the same activities - most especially "sorting." He loves to take all his cars and move them from the floor to the table and repeat this endlessly. (Yes, we're worried.) He also loves "stacking." He recently discovered four men, from the castle shape sorter, can be placed on top of each other and fit! So, he'll do this for hours as well. Stack - unstack - stack - unstack. It's normal at this age to sort and stack, but he seems to go a bit overboard. Sometimes I see him eyeing the room for new places to put his cars...and suddenly they're being lined up on the couch or kitchen chair (where they can't all fit - causing much frustration).

He's definitely more clever. One example: he has learned he can go under and between things. So if I'm trying to block his exit from a room by standing in front of the door, he simply crawls between my legs. He also finds pleasure in crawling under tables...or in forts! Ahhhh...forts!

He can follow directions...such as: sit, come here, eat, drink, do nice (he can be so gentle!), go upstairs, etc. And he is trying to say things. New words: "Saaaaa" for sox, "Wa" for water (still needs encouragement with that), "moo" for what-does-a-cow-say. He also tries to put on his own socks and shoes which is ridiculously cute. Oh, and he's learned to pose like a supermodel. Yeah, Drew!


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