Friday, September 29, 2006

Part 2

Ok, I am going to piggy-back on my last blog and share the latest...

Yesterday Drew and I met new mom Marcia at Roger Williams Park . We walked the entire perimeter of the park which Marcia claims is about 3.2 miles. Not bad. Drew was vegging in his stroller, eating lunch, checking out the ducks, and relaxing. After the long walk, we went to the Hasbro Playground so he could let loose a bit. I was pleased to be "exercising" and Marcia was really cool. It's great to meet new folks!

Translation: After profusely sweating for over an hour (I never seem to dress appropriately!), I proceeded to chase Drew around the playground while Marcia stood beside the carriage holding her lovely, sleeping baby. Conversations were difficult to maintain as I ran around the play fixtures trying to prevent injury. Needless to say, my efforts were futile as Drew managed to flip off the slide and land on his head anyway! Figuring he was pretty tired at this point (all that Fresh Air), I was glad to take him home for his nap. After 40 minutes of crying Drew quieted down in his crib...only to wake 10 minutes later in hysteria. I guess relaxing in the stroller was enough down time for Drew. Maybe next time he can push me...because my desire for rest was not satiated and I was Cranky Mommy til Daddy came home.


At 9:05 PM, Blogger Cheris said...

HAaahahaha! You crack me up.


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