Thursday, September 14, 2006

Moms, Babes, and Capron Park Zoo

Melanie and I took the boys to Capron Park Zoo yesterday. I was hoping other RIPlaydate parents would join us, but alas it was just the two of us. (Too bad for them because it was a beautiful day!!)

The stay-at-home parent scenario is sometimes a bit strange. When we got to the zoo there was NO ONE there. Has anyone ever been to the zoo when it's been empty? It's eery...yet also exciting. We had all the animals to ourselves. I think the stay-at-home culture is very interesting. I'm at the zoo without other visitors!! There isn't a line at the supermarket!! Suddenly grocery shopping on a Sunday seems insane! Navigating through the mob at the mall may cause cardiac arrest. We stay-at-home parents begin to embrace the calm experiences we have while the rest of the world is at "work." Personally I like not having to waste time during the weekend doing chores. I can enjoy my weekends with my hubby. Anyway, it is a different culture...

Here are a few pictures from our day (alone) at the zoo!


At 3:21 PM, Blogger Cheris said...

You can go grocery shopping with your kid? HA! Wha... you get chores done? Ha!

At 9:36 PM, Blogger Lotus said...

Um HELLO?! Stay-at-home would be dream come true. And frankly, to tout it's perks is really just rubbing in the faces of us corporate losers going no where over endless long, toiling hours. But perhaps you have inspired me to go and get knocked up this weekend? Whooo hooo!


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