Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Where he's at...

Drew is always impressing us with the things he has learned.
It's exciting to see what he does, how he plays, and the ways he communicates.
Here's an inside peak...

Signs he recognizes: milk, water, hi, bye, more, food, good, yes

Words he recognizes: (list above), dog, cat, elephant, cow, nose, toes, feet, shoes, hands, clap, belly, head, tickle, no, be-careful, stairs, night-night, bed, car, press-the-button, on, off, light, fan, come-here, can-i-have-a-hug, kiss, eat, hungry, sit, bath, book, ball, open, closed, duckie, tigger, dance, push, outside, walk, do-nice

Words he says: mama, dada, tickle-tickle, "ca" (for car, cat), , "ti" (for tigger), "dir" (for dirty), "mmmm.." (when something is yummy)

Physical skills: walking, running, climbing stairs, clapping, pushing, spinning in a circle, opening/closing/reading books, playing musical instruments - symbols, drums, piano, guitar, tambourine, sticks, and maracas

Favorite toys: CARS! (or bus, train) books, ball popper, shape sorter, building blocks, instruments

Favorite foods: FRUITS!, yogurt, oatmeal, omelets, cheese (on anything), pasta, peas, peanut butter

DISLIKES: being held (unfortunately for mommy), being inside all day, having his diaper changed, being told he cannot play with the tv/dvd player

LIKES: animals - wants to pet them all, playing with cars, listening to and playing music, dancing, "Jack's Big Music Show", sorting - moves objects from one place to another repetitively as if organizing (like Mommy does?!?), reading books or having them read to him, climbing stairs, sliding, eating, destroying what we build with blocks/legos, other babes

At thirteen months that's Drew!
He's so much fun...has a lot of energy...loves to make others happy.


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