Monday, August 28, 2006

Visit to the Children's Museum!

It was quite a weekend for Drew. On Saturday Daddy took him (along with friends Melanie, Miguel, and Max) to Southwick Zoo. Being his first time at any zoo, he was thrilled! He loved the animals and came home full of excitement! On Sunday we brought him to the Providence Children's Museum (lucky for us - it was a FREE day!). Aside from the fact that the big kids easily toppled over our little guy, it was a day well spent. There was a room for children 4 and under which was filled with books, a cave, a slide, climbing area, a hollow tree, and lots of animal puppets. A Drew Heaven. To see him climbing and sliding was too much. Our baby is definitely no longer a baby at all. He was a little boy running around...even taking toys from other children. Hmmm. How to curb that? We're working on it. Overall, a stimulating weekend for our little boy!


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