Sunday, August 27, 2006

My job saga continues...

It's Friday. I have an interview with URI, which goes amazingly well, and I am really excited about the idea of being a "professor." Cool, right? The schedule is ideal for a mom (M,W,F 10am-1pm). I interview with the department chair on Monday and get more of the specifics. My could-be-boss calls me on Wednesday and offers me the job: I accept. We discuss curriculum and payroll; I make plans to meet her at the university the following day. I'm delighted to have a job (very part time) and to be challenged by this new opportunity.

Meanwhile, North Kingstown School Department calls and wants to set up an interview for the following day. I think: Bummer - because it'd be great to work in my own district and learn more about it...become a part of the community here, etc. But I would never quit the URI job. Suddenly, URI lady calls me..."I have some important news to share with you." A grad student, who was previously unavailable, is now able to teach the two sections of no need for hiring me. Blah blah blah...maybe next semester.

I call NK and interview. It goes really well. Schedule is ideal (again!). They have a two day rotating schedule (A-day, B-day) and I'd only be working A-days. Cool! So, one week M,W,F and the next T,Th. Love it. I come home feeling good. Phone call at 5pm Friday - the principal of NKHS - "We've decided to hire the individual who was working as a long term sub in the position last year...for continuity, etc." Blah, blah,...the interview was great, you have great energy and experience.

SO-where does that leave me?!? UNemployed.

Still working one day/week at the Compass School (as I did last year), but I'm really bummed out. I thought I'd be earning more money...working more hours.


Anyone hiring?


At 10:50 PM, Anonymous Rob said...

Sorry for the hassle.

Remember, this has probably all happened because a much, much better opportunity is getting ready to present itself to you.


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