Thursday, August 10, 2006


It had been quite some time since Drew and I were last seen at the YMCA. Hence the cheers when we arrived - they missed him. As a few months had passed (shame on Mommy) he was now an entirely different child. He did not need to go into the infant room..which is filled with exersaucers and baby he would be bored by such nonsense. Instead, he stayed with the "big kids" in the main play area. I set him up with some trucks (his favorite) and was on my way. After my time was up (I now get 1.5 hours!) I returned to find him standing at a table with other kids, who seemed much bigger than him, playing with cars and lego people. I stood and admired him for a moment. Here he was the littlest guy in the room, playing alongside all the big kids, and not missing Mommy or crying for something/someone familiar! Amazing! I admire his confidence and creativity. I am proud of his flexibility (I completely threw off the nap schedule today!) and socialness. I am amazed at how quickly he's grown into a little boy. With his first birthday lingering a day away, I'm feeling proud of how far we've both come in a mere 364 days.


At 4:48 PM, Blogger brettnik said...

Happy Birthday to Drew! Hope it's a good one.


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