Monday, August 07, 2006

Folk Festival Fun!

What a day! Probably the definition of a "perfect" day. What is better than warm sunshine -with NO humidity, the company of your best friend/spouse, a backdrop of the ocean with sailboats and bridges, and live music - including the Indigo Girls!?! Yes, we were at the Newport Folk Festival. It was awesome. Other music highlights included The Meters, Madeleine Peyroux, Keller Williams, and David Rawlings & Gillian Welch. Next year I hope we'll be joined by others. It was truly a wonderful day! Both relaxing and inspiring.

When was the last time I even saw live music?!? Dare I answer this honestly? (Does Chris' playing the guitar in the living room count??) Well, we did see Gary Foisy (who used to work with Chris) play live at an open mike night at Tazza Cafe in February...and actually I saw my friend, formerly known as Matt Hashway, Spogga play in Narragansett just a few weeks ago. Ok, not as bad as I thought. Prior to those two local gigs, I saw live music in Prospect Park last June when I was pregnant. And the last time I went to a ticketed event? I honestly cannot remember. Wow. Sad. Chris, the live music fanatic, saw the Allman Brothers in NYC a few months back. Well, it's just another reminder of how much life changes when you (A) move to the 'burbs and (B) have a baby. So, interested in checking out some live music? Give us a call...we're due!


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