Friday, August 18, 2006

Ode to summer...

Ode to summer
you tiptoed in to my room
before i knew it, it was june
i saw your rays dancing with glee
felt their warmth splash over me
a few rainstorms passed on by
they kindly left me feeling dry
i played outside despite the heat
under my umbrella we would meet
no uv rays could find us there
we could relax without a care
now you plan to leave me soon
i'll be waiting for you til next june
time will pass quickly i am sure
the long winter i will endure
whilst flames burn in my fireplace
they can't replace summer's grace
ode to summer, my true love
it is you which i shall think of
when nights are filled with chilly air
a sense of urgency and despair
i'll close my eyes and embrace again
Summer, my true friend


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