Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Back to "Normal"

Finally, life seems back to normal. The past two weeks have been absolutely insane. Let's retrace the days a bit...

Tuesday (6/27) Mom awaits the news of her mammography with much trepidation
Wednesday (6/28) Mama has abdominal pains and is rushed to the hospital
Thursday (6/29) The x-rays and catscans are inconclusive while Mama's pain escalates
Friday (6/30) Dad has surgery to remove a hernia
Saturday (7/4) Mama has to drink the awful drink for her contrast catscan making her very sick
Monday (7/3) Mom goes to the surgeon regarding her knee - continues wearing brace while I take Dad to the walk-in clinic for the infection which developed around incision
Wednesday (7/5) Mama has a colonoscopy and is tested for colon cancer
Friday (7/7) Mama's surgery is scheduled - Dad gets the gout in one foot
Saturday (7/8) Our dog Marley dies of lung cancer
Sunday (7/9) Dad's gout moves to both feet
Monday (7/10) Mama has her surgery

Today, Tuesday (7/11), it seems everyone is on the road to recovery. Family updates:

Mama - did very well in surgery and has been transferred to a new building. Her prior care was awful (too many sagas to even write about!!) so hopefully this location will offer more attentive staff. She sounds good and is looking forward to getting out in 5 - 7 days! Yippee!

Mom - no cancer and no plans for knee surgery (yet) Horray!

Dad - back to the surgeon today but appears to be on the mend. Yahoo!

Me?!? How kind of you to ask. I am grateful to have such a wonderful family...appreciative of everyone's support...and overjoyed that things are looking up. Although my family still morns the loss of Marley, I pray her sweet soul will return to us. Her kind, loving, gentle nature made her a special dog who will not be forgotten. I am proud of Mama's courage and strength. I can't wait for her release. It's been a long two weeks!


At 6:00 PM, Blogger brettnik said...

Sounds like wonderful news all around. ..prayers answered, I'm sure. Do something nice for yourself. You've been through a lot!


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