Wednesday, July 19, 2006


One fabulous thing about summer is that it brings people together. The warm weather draws us out of our little shells and we come together to celebrate the long, sunny days of what is definitely my favorite season. Whether it be chilling at the lake or pool, meeting friends at the beach, enjoying outdoor BBQs, sailing, ... it's about enjoying the outdoors with others. I love it!

A few good times are shared below...

Here are Max and Drew enjoying an afternoon in early July. We met at Cafe Zog on Wickenden Street. The weather was perfect...breezy enough to enjoy being in Providence. We had a lovely walk, stopped by the park for a brief swing, and shared lunch with the Ferreiras.

A wonderful visit in Danbury! Finally we were able to meet little Violet Lifford. She, along with her parents Rob & Cheris, lives in Austin, TX. We've watched her grow through emails and photos, but the real thing is so much sweeter. Dave and Michele Jonas hosted us all at their house - arranging wonderful baby accomodations (baby pool, bubbles..) and preparing delicious treats for the adults (dips, salads, grilled shrimp & asparagus,..). It was a nice opportunity for old high school friends from Smithtown, NY to reunite, reminisce, and celebrate.

The Flackes come to Rhode Island! Melisa, a med student at UVM, came down with her two little ones Ellie and Owen. We spent the afternoon watching the three toddlers run around the yard, play on the swingset, splash in the baby pool, and have fun! Melisa has been a dear friend to me for many years. We first met in Boston at the Samaritans, where she was the director and I was a volunteer. We've remained close friends ever since - despite the miles between us.


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