Monday, January 11, 2010

Melia - the story of her name

Melia, pronounced "Muh-Lee-Uh," has several different meanings for us.

First, and most importantly, we chose this name because it's the Hawaiian form of "Mary." I have always wanted to name my daughter (should I be so blessed to have a daughter) after my grandmother. However, I didn't want to use the traditional Mary, Maria, or Marie. When I was pregnant with Dean I began looking into variants of "Mary" and Malia was a name I fell in love with immediately.

Melia also happens to be the name of our hotel in Spain; and I really wanted to choose a name with some kind of Spanish meaning.

Melia is a Hawaiian name for the plumeria or frangipani flower - and I love the idea of a girl's name also being a flower name. How beautiful! It's like a visual symbol of her name. And isn't it a beautiful flower? I love it!

Melia...Melia...Melia...I think the name itself is lovely, but I what I love most is how many beautiful meanings it represents for us.


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