Monday, September 14, 2009

Two great pieces of work!

As a mother, facilitator of pregnancy & new moms groups, and now a DONA trained post partum doula, my world is full of discussions, literature, and information related to pregnancy and parenting. What amazes me is how much there is to know; and after having birthed two sons, I am still learning about childbirth and parenting. It's facinating. My two recent book discoveries have left me wondering why I didn't hear of these books earlier? Ina May's Guide to Childbirth will certainly be my first recommended read for pregnant women as I move forward in my work. And for new parents (and parents-to-be) The Vital Touch by Sharon Heller will be my second choice of literature. I greatly appreciate the anthropological approach each book offers - reflecting upon centuries of experiences as well as comparing the experiences of the US women with others around the world. But more than anything I am happy to find a return to what is natural, what makes sense for human beings, what feels right. I confess to being excited for this third child to be born - to give birth to her in a completely natural way. Mind-body connection. No fear. Trust in women and faith in my own strength. We were made for this. And I didn't have to be sold on the benefits of baby-wearing, I love my moby wrap! I understand the pitfalls of "containers" as well as the practicality of them. Balance. Trust my judgement. Hold and nurture this last baby as much as I can. I can't wait!


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