Wednesday, December 05, 2007


The latest and the greatest on the boys...

DEAN HAS TWO TEETH. It seems so trivial when you have a mouthful of teeth, but for a little 5 month old peanut, having two teeth is quite exciting. Drew didn't get any teeth until 9 months of age so this was unexpected! I have done two happy-teeth-dances and I am thrilled about this little milestone.

DREW...GOING TO PRE-SCHOOL?!? I can't believe my little guy will be ready for school in September. I've begun researching different programs in the area; it's an interesting process. There are a few reputable montessori schools nearby - and we had the chance to visit one this week and LOVED it. It's bitter sweet as one can imagine. My mornings will not be the same without my lovebug, but I'm thrilled for him to experience learning in a new environment. I am confident he will enjoy school and be successful!


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