Sunday, December 02, 2007


I am super excited about Christmas this year. Drew is at an age where "he gets it" (sort of) and I just know he's going to be so thrilled on Christmas morning to see what Santa brings. That being said, we've begun reading holiday stories about Santa & Rudolf & Frosti. And we've even had the opportunity to see Santa IN PERSON! We went to Brunch with Santa at the zoo last Sunday (see above photo). What's better than Santa at the ZOO?!? Despite initial trepidation, Drew was pretty excited to see the big guy and he loved the Christmas caroles. Then we were so lucky as to see Santa again at Walmart - where we got a free 5 x 7 photo with him. AND we'll be seeing him again next weekend in CT. We're lucky Santa has been hanging out in New England lately! Drew seems to like the big beared guy...wait til he sees what he brings!


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