Thursday, September 20, 2007

MY bubby

...and no, that's not a typing error. MY bubby.

I often talk of the great loves of my life...and I tell them each day how I love them with "toda mi corazon" and I generously adore them with hugs and kisses. But sometimes I overlook the real love of my life. I don't always dote all over him the way I should - because let me tell you he is amazing. I find myself counting my blessings quite often and the greatest blessing was finding such a fabulous partner. This man not only works hard for his family every day (so his wife can stay home), but he comes home to rescue his wife from the chaos each night. HE is the one who bounces the baby til he falls into deep slumber...and this is after having bathed the toddler & read books with him. In the morning, he doesn't leave for work til everyone is ready for the day: toddler is dressed and eating breakfast, mom has showered, baby has nursed and is smiling/sleeping. He really respects everyone in the family. He is a great listener, a great friend, easy to connect with, always up for a new adventure, incredibly honest, and always real. I can't believe I found such a guy!
This is MY bubby. The one thing I can't be without. I'm so glad he will never be stuck in the washing machine or left at home when I need him. (sorry Drew!)


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