Friday, June 16, 2006

Drew shows empathy

Today, after a few hours at the beach and lots of trips around the house escorting my little man, I dropped a knife on my foot while cutting food for Drew. (Tired mommy brain) I didn't "cry" per say, but I yelped. I look down to find my foot covered in blood and stood there saying "ouch" - unsure of my next move. I then look at Drew and find him in a state of shock. He begins horrifically crying as if he can't stand seeing his mommy in pain. (How sweet.) I immediately calm myself and assure Drew that I am fine...and give him kisses after cleaning up my mess. I thanked him for caring about me and showed him my bandaid. Pretty cool.

In the past, Chris and I have fake cried when Drew "hurt our feelings". He usually laughs; and sometimes I pretend to cry just to see him giggle. So, I was taken by surprise when he cried as I hurt this afternoon. It's nice to know he cares.


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