Tuesday, June 06, 2006

On his way...

Drew is on his way to walking! This is both exciting and exhausting. Walking around with my back hunched over has gotten old. The alternative is to prop him up along a table, toy box, excersaucer, or couch where I risk him tumbling backwards and bumping his head (Yikes!). So, whether I'm holding his little hands as he takes his steps or sitting on the floor to protect his fall, I'm trapped. He is no longer content to sit on his activity mat and play. Unfortunate for mommy, but exciting for Drew. Occassionally he will let go and stand on his own for a few seconds, free from all support. Although he may have a drunken stagger, he usually catches his balance and avoids a crash landing. This puts quite the smile on his face. It is amazing to see the progress he makes every day. I know that walking is just around the corner. Both exciting and exhausting, right?!?


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