Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Potty Training (# 1)

That's right...big boy underwear! Drew has been wearing undies for five days now. FIVE days. I am still putting on diapers when he goes to sleep, but otherwise, he's a potty man. The first day I put him on the potty every hour = success. The second day we had one accident. And today, day five, he's actually asking me to take him to the potty. "I have to go pee pee, Mommy." Such progress! Now we still have one BIG hurdle: Number 2.
When it comes to "number 2" Drew would rather dance around the living room in suffering than let it go on the potty. I've tried everything: reading with him on the potty, bringing his potty into the bathroom and sitting alongside him, putting the potty in front of the tv, offering endless rewards, giving him privacy... Alas, he refuses. (Or rather he is scared to death!) So, he does # 2 at night or naptime when he's got his diaper on.
I refuse to let that be a shadow over this exciting time : Drew is peeing in the potty! All day every day! Hip hip horray!


At 11:13 PM, Blogger Cheris said...

Don't worry. It takes tiiiime. I finally had to resort to chocolate covered peanuts as a bribe.
I know I know... the experts say no bribing.
Screw the experts.


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