Friday, May 09, 2008

Dean update

My baby Dean is no longer...
no longer a baby.
I remember Drew's first year:
I couldn't wait for the next milestone.
When will he crawl? Pull up? Walk? Talk?
I was so eager and encouraging of this development.
The second time around is so different.
Each milestone Dean reaches I proclaim, "He's already..." and I sigh. Where is my baby? Dean has been crawling for quite some time. Now I will add that he can pull up to his knees & standing position (while holding on to anything!) and he's even taking a step or two! He can use the snack trap with ease...loves his born free sippy cups...and is even using the spoon (if I am in the mood for a mess). He's signing "more" and waving hello/goodbye. He's self-entertained (or Drew-entertained); he's still a great sleeper (day or night); and he laughs often. He's an easy-going guy, very affectionate with those he knows and loves.
Dean brings much joy to this family...and he's growing so quickly!


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