Saturday, May 03, 2008

Skin Care

With more time being spent outside (thank you, Spring!), we need to think more about sunscreen! In the winter I use oil of olay with spf 15 for every day face care, but in the summer I want to step it up a bit. When I know I'll be spending time outdoors, I use the neutrogena with spf 55 - and I'm really happy with it. Did I mention it's also anti-aging? So I feel like it's as good as any other moisturizer! I know the MOST recommended sunscreen is blue lizard and I do have some of that for myself and the kids. (It's from Australia where they take sun protection very seriously!) My derm. said to look for one of the two ingredients: 1. titanium dioxide or 2. zinc oxide. That is what provides real protection from the bad rays. SPF Clothing is now available too! It's important that we take good care of our children's skin, but we mustn't forget to care for ourselves too!


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