Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Columbus Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend in New York. Our drive took 3-hours (not bad!) and despite the fact that it took us an HOUR to find a parking space, we ended up parked right outside Ingrid & Stephen's apt! We walked right into The Hideaway, and found Cheryl sitting at the bar. Yahoo! Ingrid, Stephen, Brett, Bram, and Caddigan were close behind. After a few drinks and delicious appetizers (including deviled eggs!), we hit the liquor store and went to the roof deck. It was a beautiful night. Erik came up to join us as well, bringing a lady friend, but wisely left before the "rock band" got out of control. Yes, Rock Band and Shut The Box sucked away many hours this weekend.

After our late night (bed at 3am!), we were lazy Saturday morning. However, we managed to pull ourselves together and stroll Canal Street...Soho...and back to Tribeca. Another beautiful Fall day in NYC. Can't beat it. On to a fabulous Italian dinner at Pepolinos, accompanied by Chris & Ruowen, where we indulged in more appetizers, tasty meals, and four fabulous desserts!

Later, at Tribeca Tavern, Dennis, Cheryl, Megan and friends met us for drinks. We really enjoyed seeing old friends...and appreciate everyone coming out to meet us.

I've already begun planning my next trip (in my head at least). I'm thinking...November?!?


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