Tuesday, September 09, 2008

School Daze

...I mean School DAYS!

We had the Parent Orientation for Drew's new school, Cornerstone Montessori, last week. I felt anxious walking in. Who would be teaching my son? What would the other families be like? How quickly would Drew acclimate to the new routines? Who would he click with..or struggle with? I listened intently as the "experienced" parents reflected on previous years and shared their hopes for the coming days. At the end, I cried.
Today was Drew's third day at school. He attends M/T/Th/F 8:45 - 11:45am. No big deal, right? So then, why, on day three, am I still wanting to cry?
As we got into the car this morning Drew said: "I want you & Dean to stay at "cool" today." (He often drops that first "s" before a consonant...so cute) I explained how school was for kids and Dean needed to nap. When we got to the school he then said: "Ok, I can go in by myself. You can stay in the car. Bye!" Ummm....what?!? Of course we all walked in together, although there was no holding hands. Both of those scenarios made me sad: Drew wishing I could stay and hoping I would leave.
The pick-up is really exciting. I am greeted with a BIG hug and smile. He doesn't share too much of his day...that's disappointing...but an occassional bit will slip out randomly. For example, at lunch yesterday he began singing: "Hello. How do you do? Nice to be with...MOMMY!" Clearly a song from circle time.
I'm eager for him to make new best friends and enter his class enthusiastically. I hopeful that he'll share more of his day with me and tell me cute stories. I'm excited for him to learn something new...or bring home little projects...or even ask to go back to school.
I know he's safe; I know he'll do well. But this transition is a lot harder than I expected it would be...FOR ME!


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