Saturday, June 28, 2008

7 Days of No Show!

For one entire week the television has been OFF, for Drew that is. He hasn't watched Sunny Patch or Sesame Street or a show on constuction vehicles, trains, or even animals. No show. Nada. We do this once in a while because he gets show-crazy, claiming that he NEEDS to watch something. Needs? Well, I need the down-time, but this week I sacrificed the calm 30 minutes that the tv brings. So instead of seeing the zoned out Drew (see top photo), I saw fun projects, play-dough dinosaurs, beautiful paintings, chalk on the sidewalk, tall block building, car races....everything that entertains when tv is not an option. I did suffer some tearfull moments, but they eventually passed. Here's the result of this weeks NO SHOW:


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