Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What a beautiful day!

The day started magnificently - Drew slept until 7am! Way to go, bud! (Although daddy doesn't mind when Drew gets up at 5am because it gets him to the gym early. C'est la vie.) We went to the Y where, oddly enough, Drew showed some 8 month stranger anxiety. I always find it to be cute when he experiences "stranger anxiety." Perhaps I like thinking that my holding him makes him feel secure, which it does, which might be a little selfish of me. Anyhow, his regular YMCA friends weren't there, but he managed to do just fine in the exersaucer while I worked out. Then we met friends for a walk at Goddard Park in the afternoon. We were joined by Melanie & Max (see Drew's friends!), Kady & Donovan, Quinn & Eamon. All little boys! As you can imagine, it isn't "a walk in the park" to walk with 4 babies. We had to stop for bottles, to be carried, to pick up socks and toys, to shield the sun...and for mommy breaks too. What could've been a 40 minute walk became an hour and a half. Oh well. It was fun, the sun was shining, and Drew was happy ALL DAY! Can't beat that!


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