Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Drew's friends!

The Drew Crew... here are Drew and Drew. Although the female Drew is a few months older, they have a lot in common. Strong personalities...little interest in crawling...patient mommies.

Drew and Hannah ~ more than just friends?!?
This photo was taken in February at a
coffee house in Newport. Hannah is Drew's first girlfriend. He has a reputation of liking older women (see Drew above, 2 months his senior, and Hannah born in July) and they seem drawn to him as well. He's very mature! Hannah remains one of his best friends, although he doesn't get to see her as often as he'd like.

Trent and Drew were immediate friends (as in when Trent was just a few weeks old he was already coming to our parties!). They both enjoy hanging out in coffee houses, spending time with their great-grandmothers, and spending time outdoors.

Leos Unite! Max and Drew were born on the same floor of the same hospital just two days apart. These leos have much in common...from their challenging early days (when only bouncing, swaddling, and shushing seemed to soothe) to their love of Laurie Berkner. Their dads work together at Atrion while their moms try to keep sane entertaining them all day.

Yankee Fans Beware! These two Red Sox Fans are not afraid to fight for their team. This photo was taken on opening day at Fenway and Luke was showing support for his team by sporting the jersey. Go SOX!

CHS Alumni Babies Unite!

Drew and his friend Regan - whose mommies were best friends at CHS years ago. Mommies became close friends while abroad in Spain with a high school program. Fenomenal! Regan is bilingual...and encourages Drew and his mommy to speak Spanish too!


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